Posted on Feb 4, 2020

Mario's massage

I would like to share with you a NEW type of treatment available from now:


On this treatment, you will enjoy a lovely and relaxing 60 minutes Swedish full body massage followed by 30 minutes of energy-filling Reiki session.

Treat your body, mind and soul on a single session and leave the room with a relaxed body, distressed mind and happy soul.
Forget about rushing to get up to get dressed after the massage, when you are still feeling sleepy and so relaxed you are barely conscious of the world around you.
Instead, stay on the couch for a bit longer and while you are dozing off, recharge your inner batteries through a Reiki healing session.

Find the right balance within your inner self with this amazing new treatment and leave the room as a new you. Your family and friends won't recognize you afterwards.

The price for this 90 minutes treatment is £60
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